The Process

Gilmore makes “Made in the USA” outsourcing easy.

Step 1 – The Quote

Your design is what makes you unique; it’s an extension of who you are and the brand that you have created. We respect and appreciate each element of your product design. Based on your designs, we will provide a quote to produce these products to meet or exceed contract furniture standards, whether for one-of-a-kind or mass production manufacturing. We can also suggest ways to reduce manufacturing costs.

Step 2 – Engineering

We assimilate the design information and translate it into a preliminary bill of materials and a manufacturing process that will combine impeccable hand and machine work for beautiful results. We then provide a drawing for your approval. When a conceptual prototype is required, we coordinate with your staff.

We set up your items in our manufacturing system so that when we receive an order, all standards unique to your products and your company are carried through. Every unique option of your offering—like wood species, finish colors, metal types, or stone varieties—is included.

Step 3 – The Order

When you email purchase orders to, our helpful and knowledgeable customer service staff will enter your order within 24 hours. You’ll receive a sales acknowledgement that includes the ship date, and order progress from that point on can be tracked online.

Step 4 – Manufacturing

The entered order passes to our engineering staff, who attach a design print and material pick list. Our materials department orders all the necessary materials to manufacture your item. Our manufacturing staff combines hand and machine techniques to produce an enduring and beautiful piece of furniture you will be proud to have carry your name.

Step 5 – Packaging

Items are packaged for maximum protection during shipment, while still being easy for your customers to open. A generic product label lists your product name, description, company name, and the shipping address. With mass manufacturing, labels can be matched to your organization’s identity standards.

Step 6 – Shipping

In each case, we can provide the shipping documentation void of any reference to Gilmore Inc. There are multiple options for carriers:

  1. Ship via a carrier of your choice, especially one with whom you already have an account. You’ll be notified when an order is ready to ship, and you can contact and manage your carrier. If you like, we can list the carriers that have daily pickups at our location.
  2. We can ship via our default carrier, prepaid. Associated shipping charges are added to your sales order.
  3. If an order is very large, you may choose to send a dedicated truck to fill.

Shipping information is updated online and available indefinitely for reference.