Complete Solutions

Everything but the name on the box.

Gilmore Inc. is a resource for completely assembled wooden office furniture, unfinished as well as finished; we manufacture occasional tables, conference tables, benches and case goods per order or in small and medium sized runs. Complex designs requiring a high degree of craftsmanship and technical expertise are our forte.

By further utilizing our private label finishing and drop ship program, Gilmore Inc. will produce your designs through engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, finishing and packaging, and then drop shipping them directly to your customers with your name on the label.

Gilmore Inc. is expert at this complete service and currently ships furniture throughout the US and abroad for many of the major and successful leaders in the Contract Furniture Industry. Acting as a dedicated partner, we maintain your design intent and quality standards without your need for a manufacturing staff and plant. Our reputation for excellence in craft, quality and service is well known and respected in the industry.

Our products use the highest quality materials and are manufactured using the most advanced technology combined with hand craftsmanship to create enduring and beautiful furniture objects. Solid wood, veneer and laminate are joined with stone, metal, glass and other specialty materials to offer you a complete product from one source.

Contact us today to find out how Gilmore Inc. can become a valuable resource for complete wood furniture.