Our Story

As an outstanding OEM source for many notable furniture manufactures for over 20 years, Gilmore is committed to producing value-engineered products to standards that meet or exceed your own; delivered according to your schedule.

What Is an OEM Company?

An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) company builds products—usually in large volumes—on behalf of and to the specifications of another company. Through this relationship, the OEM manufacturer can focus on their specific production skill set, while their customers can focus on product design and marketing.

Redefining OEM

With over 30 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing furniture, Gilmore provides superior knowledge, engineering, and workmanship to bring your designs to life and create products you’ll be proud to call your own. As OEM partners, we will make suggestions to reduce costs and lead-time, while simultaneously improving quality.

We are committed to excellence in engineering, craftsmanship, materials, value, communication, service, and all that we do.

As we are excited and challenged with a passion to be the best, it focuses our awareness on the details. We continually strive to exceed the limits of quality and customer satisfaction beyond expectations, in order to deliver products and services that enthuse each of our clients. Believing that we can do more is what has made Gilmore Inc. a success for over 20 years. At Gilmore, we are here to support you. Each and every product that we produce is built to support and enhance your overall product image.

We have a history of working with some of the biggest and most successful brands in the market. We know what it takes to be the best and we continually refine and enhance those characteristics within ourselves. We are a company that intends to last a very long time and we have built a strong foundation to ensure that we are. We are committed to you and your business because your business is our business.