Cylinder & Cube Tables

The ubiquitous cylinder table has been around for more than 40 years and is still a popular table. Although it is starting to take new forms; as designers twist and shape it in new ways, it remains a monoform and we are specialists at producing these tables.

Although it is an inexpensive and widespread product, it takes dedicated processes and expertise to produce a quality table. Gilmore Inc is the leading manufacturer of this type of product and excels in private label programs for completely finished tables.

Made to your customers order, in quantities of 1 or 100, we make this type of monoform table in veneer, laminate, metal; unfinished or finished. With optional plinths, wood edged tops, glass and stone overlays; we offer a complete source for your company’s offering of geometric tables. Our large-scale production capability for this specialized type of product eliminates your need for the dedicated resources to produce this product. Every table we deliver embraces the elements of quality, consistency, and attention to detail, that will make your product stand out in the market place.