Conference Table Bases

Gilmore Inc. is the leading industry supplier of conference table bases in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials. Our goal is to provide you with a base component that is complete and ready to support your tops and product design.

We are capable of finishing bases to order or we can supply them unfinished in a variety of coverings including; standard and specialty veneers, laminates, metals, paint, and even upholstery. Wiring options and access doors are typically built in the bases. In addition to our standard bases, we excel at customization and have the capacity to produce your unique custom designs, in small or large volume.

Cylinder Bases and Radius & Square Corner Cube Bases

Gilmore Inc. has been manufacturing these geometric bases for over 20 years and has developed specialized production equipment, techniques and materials to be able to provide our customers with the highest in Contract quality available. Our bases feature Grade A select and balanced veneer faces laminated over a smooth and concentric core with a heat resistant glue, they are fully enclosed on the ends with moisture resistant bottoms and levelers- they offer you a complete base that is ready to use without further manufacturing on your part. Our competition in the industry is limited to store fixture companies providing a partial solution at a quality level below what the contract industry demands.

Additional Base Styles

Whatever your requirements are we can supply it.

  • Miter folded bases
  • ā€œUā€ type bases
  • ā€œXā€ type bases
  • Rectangular bases
  • Tapered cone bases
  • Metal bases